About Me/September 2021

Kim Greenwood, vocalist and teacher: “Heather is a performer with an innate sense of phrasing, a beautiful warm tone and an expressiveness that keeps the audience engaged.”
Tony Genge on hearing me sing “StarDust”: “…you did an awesome job with a tune that’s difficult to pull off, especially with the rubato first section.”
Maureen Washington, vocalist and teacher: “You took us on a journey.  I felt loved.”
Wendy Nixon Stothert, Choral Valley: “Beautiful expressive delivery and a gorgeous warm voice!”

Heather Ferguson is embracing life’s second act with the same energy and excitement she used to tackle every other part of her life!  With 5500 monthly listeners on Spotify (Her latest single, Lover Man, released summer of 2021 just passed 6,000 streams) Heather is closing in on 50,000 all -time streams on Spotify!  

More than a decade in the making, Heather’s life eventually pivoted to her true passion, jazz vocals; learning, recording, and performing with some of Victoria’s most accomplished musicians.

In the nineties, Heather met the late Trudy Desmond and saw her perform jazz.  She loved it so very much and wanted to do it too.  It felt natural and fun.  Heather had always had a big, beautiful voice so she started singing again at Big Voice Studio in Toronto, then at the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Contemporary School.

Eventually, as it does, one thing led to another.  If you are going to sing you will find one day that you need to build skills to sing with a band, so Heather found like-minded people and convinced the great bassist Joey Smith to come on board as coach.  Once you feel comfortable singing with a band, it makes sense to perform more.  Once you conquer that hill, you need to record.  And such are the tracks that music lays down in your life.

And then you need to just keep doing it because the work gets deeper and more interesting with each passing year.

Today, Heather performs wherever she can, including an upcoming show at Hermann’s Jazz Club in November 2021, and she records with Wynn Gogol at One Ton Studios, bringing out a new single every couple of months or so.  Heather’s singing voice has a big range, is mature and is garnering great reviews.  

Heather Ferguson is listed as an artist on most streaming platforms including Spotify, You Tube and Apple as well as her own website, heatherferguson.ca.  When you are on her site, sign up for her mailing list, to join her growing circle of friends.  

 Who says you can’t follow your dreams? Lovin’ the journey and the sounds along the way.