About Me

Kim Greenwood, vocalist and teacher: “Heather is a performer with an innate sense of phrasing, a beautiful warm tone and an expressiveness that keeps the audience engaged.”
Tony Genge on hearing me sing “StarDust”: “…you did an awesome job with a tune that’s difficult to pull off, especially with the rubato first section.”
Maureen Washington, vocalist and teacher: “You took us on a journey.  I felt loved.”
Wendy Nixon Stothert, Choral Valley: “Beautiful expressive delivery and a gorgeous warm voice!”

The day I met the late Trudy Desmond and heard her sing jazz, I knew I wanted to do that too.  It felt natural and fun so I just hung on to that feeling until I could finally pick up music again.  Fast forward to 2010 when I was able to restart voice lessons and from there on it’s just been layers and layers of music for the last decade.

My teachers have been the best, and I have taken away so many nuggets of wisdom, about voice, performance and even how to support the band as they support me.  I took vocal classes with Elaine Overholt in Toronto and when we moved to Victoria, began lessons with Aidan Miller through the new Contemporary School at the Victoria Conservatory.  Then I started a band at the Conservatory, first with Aaron Scoones as our coach and then bassist, Joey Smith,  a very generous musician about whom everyone in town has a great story, including me!

I kept up my vocal training with Maureen Washington and in 2018 she encouraged me to attend the Port Townsend Jazz Workshop where I learned from Grammy nominees, Jean Baylor,and Jazzmeia Horn, and New York Times Critic’s pick, Sachal Vasandani.  

In 2019, I went to BC Swingcamp primarily to take Jennifer Scott’s Improvisation Class but it turned out there was so much more to learn!  

All of my teachers have helped me build my sound and deepen my understanding of the music I sing, and I am so very grateful to them.

 Who says you can’t follow your dreams? Lovin’ the journey and the sounds along the way.