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All the Things You Are!

This is a song for coming out.  Coming out of Covid that is! A joyous song about timeless and unstoppable love.  This is a song for the morning where you can dance naked in your living room as you get ready for in-person work!

With Al the Things You Are, we wanted to go full Ella/Nelson Riddle. We wanted it to have an old-fashioned feel and even though we didn’t have a big band to work with we tried to give it as full a sound as we could.  We made our version just a bit more up tempo, giving it a real swing, and we used Miguelito on trumpet and Barrie on sax to full effect.  There is a horn line in the middle of the song so I sang with the horns and then I sang it again but an octave lower – so we added that track too but bump up the sound further.

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