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Called a “jazz sensation” by one writer, with another calling Heather Ferguson’s music, “lush, expertly performed, with an engaging setlist and…she will fill the room with her silky-smooth notes”.  Heather’s journey to music was long and winding but the singer, based in Victoria, Canada, is becoming known for her interpretations of great 20th century songs.

A family move took Ferguson from Toronto to a new home in Victoria, Canada, where she was one of the first to enroll in jazz vocals at the Victoria Conservatory’s newly opened Chywll Contemporary School.  After that it was just layers and layers of music for years after. During that time she found like-minded musicians who wanted to start a band so she cornered the great bassist Joey Smith at a gig one night to ask him to coach.

Under Joey Smith’s mentorship Heather eventually graduated to solo shows at Victoria’s storied Hermann’s Jazz Club and then to recording, and the release of singles on various streaming services with producer Wynn Gogol of 1 Ton Studios.

A dynamic and consummate performer with a smouldering sound and a soulful warm voice, Ferguson’s music can be found on streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube and Apple and on many curated playlists.

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Recent Accomplishments & Reviews

On Air  – Lush Life album


On her new album, Canadian-based Heather Ferguson is heard here in peak form awash in the elegant and mesmerizing sounds of saxophonist Barrie Sorensen and trumpeter Miquelito Valdes. Ms. Ferguson is a forceful vocalist, perfectly lovely in the middle register of her voice, invariably poised on a variety of repertoire. Songs like “Body & Soul” and “At Last” are delivered beautifully with purity and intonation. It could not be more welcome when a recording transforms such popular songs, as this one does, setting it on a new plane. And as added bonus there is Barrie Sorensen (sax) and Miguelito Valdes (trumpet, flugelhorn) playing with subtle tonal shading that heightens the atmospheric evocation in the most engaging mix of exuberance and gravitas. Every change in mood of Ms. Ferguson’s voice is superbly crafted and judged by these musicians. The result is that the performance throughout the album is marvelously clean and the music itself can only be called luminous. Other standouts include the warm and tenderly moving “Stardust,” and “The Look of Love.”

    ~Jean Keith Fagon, The Jazz Project, HillRag

Canadian Heather Ferguson opens her first album with a melancholic, almost painful composition by Billy Strayhorn: “Lush Life”. It is an introspective theme and whose interpretation requires not only skill, but also feeling. Undoubtedly a declaration of intent, so that we know from the first moment what the thing is about. And it is that, unexpectedly, Heather Ferguson has gotten to play in the “professional” league. Read the full review.

~Juan F. Trillo, tomajazz

“Heather Ferguson specializes in the type of jazz that made Burt Bacharach a Hall of Famer in the 1960s and ’70s: Lush, expertly performed, and with an engaging setlist.”

~Mike Devlin, Times Colonist-Critic’s Choice


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Making the Lush Life Album

Live at Hermann’s Jazz Club

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