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Recording Lover Man

I thought I could knock off Lover Man quickly and easily because I had been singing it so long!
(I thought the same thing with At Last – will never learn?) Not so apparently.

This song is deep, man. I have sung it every which way in performance, but when I got into the recording studio I felt like I had to start over. I went back to square one and thought more about the story, about the sense of loss – loss of a person, loss of chance and the hope that, one day, there would be renewal and a second chance for love.

As always, a big thank you to the people who make this possible – Jan Stirling on piano, Joey Smith on bass, and Damian Graham on drums. You are all the very best!

Recorded at 1 Ton Studios in Victoria, BC with my intrepid and long suffering producer, Wynn Gogol. Thanks Wynn!