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Washroom Conversation

Hi Heather, Never thought I’d write that as a subject line lol. I heard this in the next stall after your show and I thought you would get a bang out of it – two young women talking.  It’s pretty much word for word what they said and actually pretty hilarious when it’s written out. […]

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Santa Baby!

  I had something completely different planned for a Christmas song but my husband Cameron requested, Santa Baby so, change of plan.  We went to the studio with the band and recorded four new songs which will be released over the course of next year, but Santa Baby is the first of these to make […]

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Recording Lover Man

I thought I could knock off Lover Man quickly and easily because I had been singing it so long! (I thought the same thing with At Last – will never learn?) Not so apparently. This song is deep, man. I have sung it every which way in performance, but when I got into the recording […]

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