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Recording Lover Man

I thought I could knock off Lover Man quickly and easily because I had been singing it so long! (I thought the same thing with At Last – will never learn?) Not so apparently. This song is deep, man. I have sung it every which way in performance, but when I got into the recording […]

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Christmas Time is Here!

It’s an odd Christmas for 2020, a COVID Christmas. But I hope this beautiful song written by Lee Mendelson, and composed by Vince Guaraldi for the iconic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” will help you remember. Joining me on this recording is Jan Stirling on Piano, Joey Smith on Bass, Damian Graham on Drums and special […]

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Surrender Yourself: Body & Soul

Who hasn’t been there? You’re willing to give your all. And you just can’t understand why this person who was so intimately connected to you last week, is cold and distant this week. It shakes you to your core, to your Body & Soul.

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