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The Power of Lisa

So grateful for my family, my rock – not necessarily all days, just most of the time.  By way of example, I have two cousins, each named Lisa and they have inspired me in completely different ways. 
One is a singer/songwriter and I watched her write and perform for many years, all for her unconditional love of music.  She inspired me to try – to try to go where she appeared to me, to go – effortlessly singing for an audience, writing her own songs and drawing inspired pictures.  The creativity gushes from her to this very day simply for the pure pleasure of it all.  Oh, and did I say? No one can run a great harmony like Lisa.  Just start singing one day – she’ll chime in with a beautiful new line and the two of you will sound GORGEOUS!  Lisa inspired me to try.
My other cousin Lisa comes from my Mom’s side of the family.  She suffered a near catastrophic brain injury at age 18 and nearly died.  Perhaps as a result, she is beautiful inside and out and absolutely fearless.  She doesn’t let something as simple as not knowing how to do something stop her.  She reckons she’ll make a few mistakes but she’ll learn along the way.  Perhaps nearly dying will do this to you? I don’t know.  But I watch her, so joyful and loving and totally open to new experiences. Her practically egoless embrace of everything that happens puts me in awe.  Lisa tackles her life with compassion for others an absolutely breathtaking willingness to jump into the breach.  Lisa inspired me to do.
I have learned so much from my cousins and I want/I hope to inspire others the way each of my Lisa’s has inspired me.

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