Reviews of Lush Life

"This is a very accomplished and warmly recommended debut album by a singer whose reputation must surely spread internationally."
~Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal

"The result is that the performance throughout the album is marvelously clean and the music itself can only be called luminous...
Heather Ferguson is heard here in peak form awash in the elegant and mesmerizing sounds of saxophonist Barrie Sorensen and trumpeter Miquelito Valdes."
~Jean Keith Fagon


“Heather Ferguson specializes in the type of jazz that made Burt Bacharach a Hall of Famer in the 1960s and ’70s: Lush, expertly performed, and with an engaging setlist.” ~Mike Devlin, Times Colonist-Critic’s Choice

"…lovely soothing jazz with mesmerizing soulful vocals, so delicate and warm, totally fitting mood for my Sunday Brunch playlist. Welcome!" ~Elena, Sunday Brunch Playlist

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